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Let Us Introduce Ourselves

DigiScripts™ electronic medical records system allows you to maintain access to your patient files from any internet capable device. Review clinical information, check on results, or send prescriptions through our application, quickly and securely.

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Working to cover the globe

DigiScripts™ is incorporated both in Jamaica and in the United States under the name DigiScripts™ LLC. We adhere to required industry guidelines and meet international standards of EHR systems worldwide. As the first such system to be made widely available in Jamaica, we are determined to be the foundation by which health care is revolutionised in our country.

Innovative platform, unmatched speed

DigiScripts™ is a robust and secure electronic medical records platform which uses a highly secured system of encryption. Data from the system to the server is sent using 2048-bit encryption with extended validation of the site, and servers are housed locally and backed-up internationally, with first world level security measures in place.


We work with you to achieve a mutual goal: we want patients to get better faster, so that they can carry on with their lives as usual.

Our seamlessly integrated technology helps to make health related processes and procedures simpler, more accurate and more efficient.

Our Advantage: Send In A Snap!

See why DigiScripts™ makes sense at every stage:

What are the benefits for Patients?

  • Shorter wait time for the processing of prescriptions and results from tests
  • Quicker access to medication and other services that may be required (e.g. – Physiotherapy, Ultrasounds, etc.)

What are the benefits for Doctors?

  • 24-hour access to your patients' medical records (medical/surgical/drug history, allergies, etc.) and accurate and secure transmission of prescription information to pharmacies.
  • Ability to send requests for laboratory and radiology investigations, and then receive the results electronically, leading to significant reductions in turnaround time to review patients.

What are the benefits for Pharmacists?

Our system will help to eliminate the occurrence of several challenges that are faced in day to day practice, including but not limited to:

  • Illegibility of handwriting and/or inability to discern the signature of the practitioner
  • Incomplete drug requests (route, dose, and/or frequency)
  • Incomplete patient and/or physician information
  • Inability to discern one practitioner from another, where they share a common surname and/or first name, and no middle name or initial is given

What are the benefits for Labs & Imaging Centers?

  • Improved service (ability to receive requests, book appointments and send results faster) which will build goodwill with clients/users
  • Lower operational costs through reduction of the use of paper and other documented methods of reporting (e.g. use of CDs for imaging results)

Why DigiScripts?

The DigiScripts™ objective is to help to reduce the challenges often experienced by our health care professionals. We have created a highly secure, cloud based electronic medical records system for patients and practitioners, and we're ready to make your life a little easier. It's all accessible, with just a few clicks.