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DigiScripts™ puts everything you need at your fingertips. No more complicated referrals, illegible prescriptions, or long waits for results. Your health is important, and we help you navigate care, from virtually anywhere.

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If you have a medical illness or allergies and you take prescription medications regularly, then DigiScripts™ is here to help! We store your doctor's notes, your prescriptions, and your test results. This means that your doctor (or doctors) can place new information in a secure, centralized location, and you'll never have missed information again. This will make referrals seamless, and ensure you always get the best, most accurate medical care!

DigiScripts™ triggers a domino-effect: Better patient information leads to better physician decisions, and better patient care.

With a reduction in time spent waiting to get prescriptions, DigiScripts™ lets you complete tests and access results sooner, so that treatment can begin faster.

Your records (medical history, prescription information, test results, etc.) will be stored on the highly secure DigiScripts™ database, and can be shared with your doctors instantly! These records will always be accessible, even outside of ‘normal’ office hours.


DigiScripts™ facilitates a secure communication between doctors and their patients, while allowing you to manage all request types for the patient—in one place! Simply complete your prescriptions or test requests, and send to any DigiScripts™ affiliated pharmacy, imaging suite or laboratory. They will receive it instantly, reducing both your patients’ waiting time and the timeline to begin treatment!

DigiScripts™ allows health records to be shared across multiple organizations.

DigiScripts™ provides peace of mind, knowing you are not only prescribing securely, but improving accuracy and saving time.

Syncing electronic medical records with DigiScripts™ means pharmacies, imaging suites, and laboratories have not just the same information, but the right information.


DigiScripts™ speeds and streamlines your physician interaction. Incoming prescriptions are delivered instantly to you, in a consistent legible format. No more uncertainty. No more time lost verifying a script. We eliminate errors that occur with hand-written scripts, giving you greater control in your dispensation of drugs. That also means a shorter wait time for patients.

DigiScripts™ allows health records to be shared across multiple organizations.

DigiScripts™ shares patient information on one platform, including electronic prescriptions, lab orders, and evaluations. You'll have relevant access to treatment data, so there are fewer follow-up calls needed between pharmacist and physician.

Pharmacists no longer have to feel uncertain about processing unclear prescriptions. DigiScripts™ reduces potential for error while managing every prescription in real time, and that means improved safety for patients.

Diagnostics (Labs & Imaging)

Receive requests within seconds and say goodbye to the wait. Now you can make contact immediately with patients to schedule procedures, and with health insurance companies to confirm coverage of procedures where necessary. Take any action vital to quality patient care with DigiScripts™ in your arsenal.

DigiScripts™ lets you manage incoming requests from doctors for patients.

DigiScripts™ provides the platform to upload lab results and other reports for next steps and review, directly to the patients profile.

DigiScripts™ Multi-Location Management – Multiple operating lab locations are all synced from a single subscription.

DigiScripts™ changes everything.

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