Our Services

DigiScripts™ offers electronic medical records (EMR) services meaning that we create, store and organize your health information in a digital (computerized) format.

We Meet International Standards

We are incorporated both in Jamaica and in the United States under the name DigiScripts™ LLC, and we adhere to all required industry guidelines and meet international standards of electronic medical records systems worldwide.

As the first such system to be made widely available in Jamaica, we are determined to help to elevate the standard of health care delivered in our country.

Availability and Accessibility

Your doctor (or doctors) can now place your health information in a secure, centralized location, and you'll never have missed or outdated information again.

We offer safe, reliable  integration of multiple medical services because we believe that better access to high quality patient information leads to better physician decisions, and ultimately to better patient care.

Our custom application can keep record of any of your medical information, including:

  • Current medical notes
  • Medical and Surgical history
  • Prescription Information
  • Drug allergies
  • Immunization Records
  • Results of all investigations

Your records will always be accessible to you, even outside of ‘normal’ office hours, and you will control which doctor can access your information at any time. DigiScripts™ puts everything you need at your fingertips.

DigiScripts™ is also proud to be recognized and supported by:·     

  • The Medical Association of Jamaica
  • Sagicor
  • Guardian
  • The Medical Council of Jamaica

If you or a loved one have a medical condition that requires regular visits to the doctor and/or take medications regularly, or if you simply want to keep track of your health, we can help make life easier for you!

Sign up today and get dedicated, personalized storage for your health data.