Some of our most common queries.

What is DigiScripts™?

DigiScripts™ is a custom-built application that offers electronic medical records (EMR) services. This means that we create, store, and organize your health information in a secure digital (computerized) format.

Why is there the need for it?

Patients very often see more than one doctor, so their medical information may be spread between two or more offices and is not always accessible when they need it. Furthermore, different doctors may not be aware of all of the patient’s diagnoses and/or medications being taken (names and doses), and this may lead to management errors being made.

By offering a single place where a patient’s medical information is stored, we can ensure that their physician and other health team members always have up-to-date information, so the patient receives the best, safest and most efficient service.

How does it work?

Step I. Sign up for an account using the link at the top of this page.

Step II. Once you have registered, one of our registered health care professionals will verify your identity with a form of government issued identification. This step is an additional security measure, and is only necessary the first time you use your account.

Step III. If your doctor is also registered with us, then you will be taken care of as usual and the doctor can use the DigiScripts system to create, store and update your patient records. You can also have your prescription sent to the pharmacy of your choice, and have lab and imaging studies requested, and the results received, through the system.

All your medical information (such as diagnoses, medications, allergies and results of investigations) will be automatically stored in your secured patient account. This information is stored on a highly encrypted system and can be accessed only by the patient and his/her assigned physician(s).

How secure is the system?

DigiScripts is a robust and secure electronic medical records platform which uses a highly secured system of encryption.

Data from the system to the server is sent using 2048-bit encryption with extended validation of the site, and servers are housed both locally and internationally, with first world level security measures in place.

We meet all local and international standards for security of personally identifying and other types of sensitive information.

What are the benefits of using DigiScripts?

a.  Storage of and access to patient information on a highly secure platform.

b.  Accurate and secure transmission of prescription data, test requests and results between physicians and pharmacists/labs/radiology centres.

c.  Significant reduction in the time to receive prescription medication and test results, resulting in shorter time for patients to begin treatments and, therefore, quicker improvement in the overall health of patients. Additionally, the patient (and therefore their doctors) will have access to their medical information at all times, no matter where they are seen.

Are there other systems like it?

This is the first such system to be made available in Jamaica. Similar systems exist in the USA, Canada, UK and Australia and have been successful in meeting similar objectives as those established by DigiScripts.

Several studies have demonstrated that this practice has been associated with a significant increase in safety and efficiency with respect to prescription medication dispensing, and regarding the efficiency of overall patient care.

How soon will it be fully operational?

The system has been fully operational for several years, and continues to be updated and improved on a regular basis.

How do I sign up?

Users may register directly from our website (www.digiscripts.com) using the links at the top of the pages.

Is there a cost to register?

Yes, users will pay a minimal subscription fee, on a monthly or annual basis.