Your Information Is Both Private And Secure.

DigiScripts is compliant with both local and international standards for information security.

Some of our security measures include the following:

1. Our website is protected by extended validation SSL. This means that:

a. We have been vetted by the relevant international authorities and they have confirmed we have full ownership and control over our domain, and that the information being shown there matches the service we say we are providing.

b. Information transmitted between you and our site is heavily encrypted. When you log on to our site, we share a unique key to the encryption with your browser, so you are the only one who can read the information being sent back and forth. The padlock in your browser bar is an indication of this security.

To put this in context, you will see this same security indicator on the websites of banks and other financial institutions, and on the sites of big e-commerce websites (like Amazon or Ebay).

2. Strong system passwords are required for access, typically requiring a minimum of eight characters, including a capital letter, a common letter, a number and a special character.

3. The code for our websites is kept separate from the database of patient information, so our programmers never gain access to patient’s medical data.

4. Information in our database is stored in a heavily encrypted format.

5. Even health care practitioners registered to use the system cannot access your health information details unless (i) you ask your doctor to create your account for you, or (ii) you assign them access privileges.

DigiScripts does not store, nor have access to, your health records, passwords or credit card information, and we will never request this information from you. Please do not EVER share with this type of information with anyone, under any circumstances.